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An article by the detainee Sultan Al Qasimi about the withdrawal of the nationalities of 7 Emirati citizens

4 Dec 2021
متوفر باللغة

I Only intend to reform you as much as I can. My success is in the hands of God

In Him I trust and unto Him I repent

The UAE has witnessed an unprecedented media human rights movement, since the issuance of a decree revoking the citizenship of 6 citizens, now the total is 7, who are known for serving the country and demanding social reforms.

The most prominent arenas of this movement is the Internet, which is a space of freedom for Emirati youth to defend their civil rights.

There are two groups, the first sees the inadmissibility of revoking their citizenship, and at the forefront of this group are well-known personalities from different intellectual spectrums, and the second group sees the need to comply with the decree and that these seven deserve this punishment, and this group is leaded the State Security Apparatus (SSA).

This event is dangerous for the reality and future of our dear country, any  homeland consists of land and human beings, and when we neglect one of those human beings, it is as if we give up a piece of the homeland's territories. The land is only protected by men who love it.

Death is easier for a person than revoking his nationality, followed by a media campaign to tarnish his reputation, specifically when his loyalty is questioned. I ask myself: What is the extent of the pain that befell these seven and their children? What is the feeling of the people of their tribe, who described them as not being original citizens of the country? How will they contribute to building this country?

The SSA, which adopted this unjust decision, and submitted it to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa, may God protect him, for his approval, may later take any other harmful decision for the security of our homeland and the citizens, and that the injustice that befallen the seven may reach everyone, the injustice is great, and if all decisions of this continue to be accepted. The SSA, will harm our country and the people's freedom and dignity.

Perhaps the cause of the seven citizens has become a public opinion these days, but in fact it is one of the many unjust decisions against all civil and official institutions, including Islah Association, which is known for its moderate approach in dealing with all matters, starting with the closure of its building in 1994 and the exclusion of its members from their governmental jobs, preventing their children from scholarships, closing their companies and stopping registering their homes, and many other methods that these lines are not enough to mention here.

Patience with pain and communication with officials was the position of Al-Islah Society in the UAE towards these practices, but unfortunately we did not receive a response, and the restrictions continued until it reached the revocation of citizenship and the accusation of disloyalty.

The withdrawal of citizenship from the seven threatens the structure of the state and the cohesion of society, and insults the dignity and loyalty of the citizen to his homeland compared to the citizens of the world, whose countries protect their rights. A citizen's nationality and loyalty to his country should remain a red line, and should not be used to settle scores between different parties. Disagreement between human beings is natural. Therefore, the constitution affirms "equality and social justice, providing security and tranquility, and equal opportunities for all citizens as pillars of society."

Times have changed and our people is not primitive, awareness of rights has become great, the barrier of fear has broken and ended, so we do not take away the love and respect between us, and the UAE does not live far from its Arab surroundings, and therefore advice and a mature and bold understanding between the citizens and officials is required, if we want the goodness for our homeland in the present and the future.

"Call for Reform" (Islah), despite the difficulties it faces for the sake of the nation and the honorable Emirati citizen, will remain adhering to the moderate approach, eager for the satisfaction of its Lord, then its homeland, and its wise leadership. it will extend its hands to any initiative in the interest of the country, and this is its duty.

With this I am addressing:

Their Highnesses, rulers of the UAE, members of the Supreme Council and guardians of the covenants, may God preserve and protect them all.

His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, the President of the UAE, the one who caries a paternal heart and a wise mind, the safety valve in this blessed country, may God protect him and direct his steps to all good, And to all the sincere sane people who come to the councils of their highnesses and trust their wisdom.

That in this great event, a line separating the humiliation of the citizen and his dignity, we need a serious and urgent stance that restores the right to people, and a wise initiative that balances the prestige of the state on the one hand and the dignity of the citizen on the other hand.

An initiative that restores the citizenship of the seven citizens whose nationalities were revoked, and rehabilitates them. It must also include a useful treatment for the cause of the problem so that it does not recur again in any way, by "liberating civilian life from SSA hegemony" and limiting the absolute powers of the SSA.

It is also necessary to put in place tight regulations that control this important apparatus, and subject it to judicial, impartial and independent accountability, in order to preserve human dignity in the country and protect it from injustice and humiliation.

Finally, I remind myself and my brothers who advocate reform that they pray to God, to raise the status of their country and protect it from all evil.


Dr. Sultan bin Kayed Al Qasimi

The head of The "Call for Reform" (Islah)