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Bitter facts about the human rights situation in the UAE

28 Dec 2021
متوفر باللغة

The human rights situation in the UAE in 2021 is no different from that of the last decade, during which the arbitrary detention of members of the "UAE 94" case continued despite the expiry of sentences imposed on some of them, and they were deprived of the most basic rights in prisons, including medication and food.

While the practice of harassing the families of the detainees by depriving them of their citizenship, depriving them of government services and visiting their relatives in prisons continued, it can be said that this year completed the UAE's human rights record, which is monitored and documented by reports of international and human rights organizations.

The Emirates Detainees Advocacy Centre (EDAC) has compiled the top 10 reports from international and human rights organizations from 2021 on the human rights situation in the UAE:

  1. Human Rights Watch - Global Report 2021: Events of 2020, a report that assesses a range of human rights concerns in all countries of the world, criticizing the human rights situation in the UAE in general, and the prisons situation in particular. The report indicated that the authorities are holding detainees in bleak and unsanitary conditions. Overcrowding is widespread and medical care is lacking.
  2. The Gulf Centre for Human Rights - Torture in the United Arab Emirates: The Tolerance Charade. The report details and criticizes human rights violations within Abu Dhabi prisons, with a particular focus on Al Razeen prison, including the use of electric shocks and solitary confinement. The report obtained information from a number of original sources.
  3. Amnesty International - Global Report 2020/2021. The report provides a country-by-country update on human rights issues. In the UAE case:” the continued detention of at least 10 people arbitrarily after the end of their sentences, and more than 25 detainees of conscience are still in detention following a peaceful protest, while the courts continue to issue the death penalty.
  4. US Department of State - Country Reports for 2020 on Human Rights Practices: The report documented the human rights situation in all areas within the UAE, and indicated that the security apparatuses continue to commit human rights violations such as arbitrary arrests, torture and incommunicado detention, long pretrial detention periods, and the government interference in privacy rights.
  5. Alkarama Organization-UAE: Relatives of the detainees are a target of revenge: It is a report on the policy of the UAE authorities to take revenge on the relatives of detainees and harm them. It included detailed information about the revenge that the family of the detainee of conscience, Abd al-Salam Dureesh, was subjected to, as the authorities confiscated the nationalities of his children and the suspension of state services for his family.
  6. Human Rights Watch UAE: Tolerance Narrative a Sham. The report monitors the UAE authorities' investment of tens of billions in sports and entertainment events such as the Dubai Expo in order to cover up its miserable human rights record.
  7. Democracy in the Arab World Now - Abdulsalam al-Marzooqi: A Decade in Prison for an Educator, Public Servant and Father of Six: a report documenting the arrest of Emirati activist Abd al-Salam Dureesh al-Marzouqi and the violations he was subjected to from the moment of his arrest until his trial.
  8. The International Campaign for Freedoms in the Emirates – Counseling (Munsaha) Centers: Indefinite Detention of Prisoners of Conscience in the UAE 2021, a fact sheet documenting the detention of nine Emirati detainees in so-called "counseling or Munsaha centers" despite the end of their sentences.
  9. Human Rights Watch - The Persecution of Ahmed Mansoor: a detailed report on the arbitrary detention of Ahmed Mansoor, the last human rights defender in the UAE. The report calls for allowing independent international experts to enter the country, and conduct a comprehensive, independent and impartial investigation into Mansoor’s arrest, trial and prison conditions.
  10. Amnesty International - UAE: Nearly a decade of unjust imprisonment for ‘UAE-94’ dissidents: The report criticizes the UAE 94 trial, in which 69 activists were convicted in a grossly unfair mass trial “for plotting to overthrow the government”, and long prison sentences were sentenced to long prison terms of up to 15 years.