Emirates Detainees Advocacy Center

Issa Al-Suwaidi

متوفر باللغة

Detainee Timeline

  • August 2017

    He showed up in Dubai TV channel to talk about the Qatar support to terrorism and then went back to his cell. He looked pale, but his present was either a deal or to mitigate the violations

  • July 2, 2013

    He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with additional 3 years of probation

  • March 4, 2013

    He was brought before court

  • July 22, 2012

    He was brought before prosecution and pre-detained

  • July 19, 2012

    He was arrested with no charges or an arrest warrant

Dr. Issa has a distinguished career at the professional and academic level. On the academic level, he obtained a BA in economics from the University of California in 1987, a master's degree in business administration from Southeastern University in 1995, and a Ph.D in educational administration from Loughborough University in 2003. 
Al-Suwaidi held several senior positions, including: 
- The director of the educational district in Abu Dhabi for seven years (1992-1998), 
- CEO of the Arab Company for Education Development until 2007,
- The head of the founding committee of Al Hosn University, 
- The chairman of the Yas Foundation for Educational Consulting
- Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Charitable Authority,
- Secretary General of the Red Crescent Society in the United Arab Emirates 1996-1998 

His apprehension and trial 
On July 19, 2012, the UAE security forces arrested Al-Suwaidi from his home in Abu Dhabi, and confiscated a number of electronic devices, including computers and smartphones.
Al-Suwaidi remained subjected to enforced disappearance for months without charge.  His family was subjected to numerous violations as well, as his three sisters, Maryam, Asma and Al-Yazia, were arrested. They were released after 3 months of detention without trial or charge.
On March 4, 2013, Al-Suwaidi was tried the "secret organization" case and was accused of affiliating with an illegal secret organization that aims to oppose the foundations on which the state is based to seize the ruling with the help of foreign parties.
On July, 2013, the Federal Supreme Court sentenced Al-Suwaidi to 10 years imprisonment with additional 3 years of probation.

Violations against the detainee

  • Not recognizing victim’s statements of being subjected to torture, which violates the United Nations Convention against Torture (UNCAT), which UAE signed in 2012

  • Enforced disappearance, violating International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance