About us

Emirates Detainees Advocacy Centre (EDAC) is a non-profit organization founded in 2021 by a group of human rights activists to support detainees of conscience in the UAE and shed light on their cases.

EDAC's work team consists of human rights experts, journalists and academics who specialize in the field of human rights. EDAC works with all international and regional organizations active in this field and advocates for the release of detainees of conscience.

EDAC aims to support and come to the aid of all detainees of conscience, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention victims in the UAE by all possible and available means.

The working framework of EDAC is as follows:

  1. Media: EDAC's media plan aims to raise awareness of the problem of detainees of conscience in the UAE among the public all over the world by highlighting the violations committed against them by the UAE authorities and following all developments in their cases. To this end, EDAC works with a group of Arab and international journalists and media.
  2. Legal: EDAC works with legal experts in the field of human rights to produce monthly reports highlighting the legal status of the UAE authorities' practices in violation of international law.
  3. Advocacy: It includes all possible ways to support detainees of conscience in the UAE, including using the mechanisms of UN and communicating with regional groups such as the EU to put pressure on the UAE authorities to stop their violations against detainees of conscience.

In its work, EDAC is committed to a set of core values:

  1.  Justice: the achievement of justice is a common human task and the primary goal of all heavenly laws and international charters.
  2. Credibility: EDAC carefully researches the facts and relies on official documents and confirmed information and refuses to work with information that is not based on a reliable source.
  3. Independence: EDAC rejects political agendas and conditional grants from organizations and governments.
  4. Collaboration: EDAC believes that collaboration is the best way to achieve justice. Therefore, EDAC is always ready to cooperate with all parties who believe in the values of human rights.