In a detailed report revealing his suffering in UAE prisons

DAWN:Darwish was subjected to physical, psychological torture

28 Jul 2021
DAWN:Darwish was subjected to physical, psychological torture


Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) has revealed how Emirati detainee of conscience and family counselor Abdul Salam Darwish (Marzouki) has been subjected to many rights abuses since the time of his arrest and during his trial.

In a detailed report, DAWN said the State Security Apparatus (SSA) arrested Darwish on July 23, 2012, forcibly disappeared him for 21 days, and held him in solitary confinement in a secret detention center for nearly eight months. DAWN had revealed the names of the officials involved in these rights violations.

DAWN pointed out that Darwish was subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture during his detention as he was prevented from being exposed to sunlight, exercising and being provided with proper clothing, newspapers, books, pens and paper.

According to the report, Darwish, who is detained in the case known as "UAE 94", was sometimes deprived of sleep by exposing him to bright fluorescent light for hours and the UAE authorities also deliberately set his dungeon at a low temperature, he was also threatened to cut off his medication as he is diabetic.

DAWN stated that Darwish suffered from dyspnea, inflammation in his eyes and allergies because he was put in a cell with no windows, no bed or chair, and sleep deprivation.

The DAWN report is based on interviews with sources close to Darwish, as well as official documents related to his trial, such as official court documents.

Darwish talked in a May 7, 2013 court session about the extortion of confessions from him under duress: "Unfortunately, I did not expect the investigation to be affected by the violations. I suffer from three back cartilages and it became six due to the handcuffs when I went to Public Prosecution Office for investigation and remained in a sitting position for six hours, handcuffed and my feet with iron shackles and I swear to God I signed the investigation without reading it due to extreme fatigue. the investigator asked me if I participated in (Al-Hiwar Channel), I said yes about the issue of divorce. the investigator writes that I confirmed that the station spreads the ideology of the (Muslim Brotherhood) organization."

The report reveals that Darwish's poor treatment continued even after he was transferred by UAE authorities to Al-Razeen Prison in Abu Dhabi . In October 2014, prison authorities prevented Darwish from entering the outside yard to exercise and also temporarily prevented all of his fellow inmates in the eighth cell from praying, prevented them from making phone calls, and transferred them to solitary confinement in retaliation for one of them complaining by phone to his family that the prayer room was closed.

At the end of the report, DAWN highlights the violations Darwish's family suffered by revoking his children's citizenship, then cutting off government medical aid to his disabled children and withholding scholarships from his daughters.

Darwish's salary and pension, which was supposed to go to his family, was also frozen, and UAE authorities had also removed his wife's name from the family registry and removed his children's personal information from government databases.

on July 2, 2013, the UAE Federal Supreme Court, after numerous violations against Darwish, sentenced him to 10 years in prison, followed by three years under probation.