In an attempt to curb their human rights and political activism

UAE puts 4 human rights activists on terrorist list

14 Sep 2021
UAE puts 4 human rights activists on terrorist list

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have placed 38 individuals and 15 companies on a list they classify as supporters of terrorism, saying they it "keen to target networks linked to the financing of terrorism."
The updated list, issued by the Council of Ministers under Ministerial Resolution No. 83 of 2021, includes the names of 4 Emirati opposition figures living outside the country: Ahmed Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi, Muhammad Saqr Al Zaabi, Hamad Al Shamsi and Saeed Al Tunaiji.
With this list, reported by Emirates News Agency, WAM, the UAE authorities seek to curb the political and legal activities of the four activists who document human rights violations in the UAE.
The four opposition activists are believed to be part of a small group that survived the state security apparatus' 2012 arrest campaign of dozens of academics, lawyers, community leaders and students calling for political reform. However, they were outside the country and then tried in absentia in a case known as "UAE 94".
The four opposition figures had announced the formation of the "Emirati League Against Normalization" more than a year ago and issued a statement calling the normalization agreement with the Israeli occupation a departure from the principles on which the UAE was founded.
It is noteworthy that the four opposition figures also have a prominent presence in the field of human rights.
Hamad Al Shamsi, one of the most prominent human rights defenders and detainees of conscience in the UAE, has a prominent standing with international organizations.
Ahmed Al Shaiba enjoys a remarkable presence on social media and through his tweets contributes to supporting political prisoners and drawing attention to their cause, especially his brother Khaled Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi, who has been detained by UAE authorities for 9 years.
As for the former Public Prosecutor, Muhammad Al-Zaabi, he is a member of the advisory board of the ALQST organization for Human Rights, and Saeed Al-Tunaji is the former director of Guidance Association (Al-Islah).