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From Outside the UAE embassy in London: Ahmed Mansour Happy Birthday!

23 Oct 2021
From Outside the UAE embassy in London: Ahmed Mansour Happy Birthday!

A number of representatives of human rights organizations in London have organized a vigil outside the UAE Embassy to mark the 52nd birthday of the detained Emirati activist Ahmed Mansour and handed over a letter calling for the release of human rights defenders.

Representatives from ALQST for Human Rights, the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR), Amnesty International and the International Campaign for Freedom in the UAE (ICFUAE) participated in this vigil and recorded a short video conveying messages to Emirati activist Ahmed Mansour on his birthday.

GCHR Advisory Board member Melanie Gingell said, "it's 22nd of October 2021 and its Ahmed Mansour's 52nd birthday. today so we're gathered outside the United Arab Emirates embassy today to wish you, Ahmed, a happy birthday. I am Melanie from the Gulf Centre for Human Rights and I wish that you were free today and I wish that you knew that we were all here and you are in our hearts and our minds still, you're not forgotten."

While Sofia Kaltenbrunner, Campaign Manager at ICFUAE said, "I wish you were free Ahmed and I wish that you could read your beautiful poetry to us in person.

For his part, Joshua Cooper, Deputy Executive Director of ALQST, said, "we are outside the UAE Embassy on your birthday, Ahmed Mansour, we wish you freedom and for you to know how much you mean to people around the world as inspiration, your activism which should be celebrated and for which you should not spend another day in jail"

It is noteworthy that this vigil is part of a series of vigils organized today outside UAE embassies and diplomatic missions in London, Geneva and Washington to mark the birthday of Emirati human rights defender Ahmed Mansour and to call for the release of other detainees of conscience.