His election will undermine the reputation of the international organization

Bundestag MPs oppose the nomination of an Emirati official to head Interpol

12 Nov 2021
 Bundestag MPs oppose the nomination of an Emirati official to head Interpol

Several German members of the Bundestag have expressed their deep concern over reports that Emirati Major General Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi has been nominated to head the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), noting that his election might jeopardize the reputation of the international organization.

In a joint statement, the Bundestag MPs appealed to members of Interpol's General Assembly to speak out against Al-Raisi's candidacy and prevent it. They called on the members to advocate for a transparent and clear procedure for the nomination and election of the Interpol President that respects human rights.

The statement pointed out that the mandate of the UAE, represented by Al Raisi, to head the organization is in stark contrast to Article 2 of the Interpol statute, which sets the goal of developing mutual assistance among all criminal police agencies within the framework of the laws in force in all countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The MPs said that Al-Raisi, representing Abu Dhabi, is part of a security apparatus that systematically targets peaceful opponents. They stressed that the general, who occupies a position at the head of a repressive regime "inspector in the UAE Ministry of Interior" where opposition figures, journalists and human rights activists are subjected to cruel reprisals such as enforced disappearances, torture and arbitrary arrests, which have been documented by various United Nations bodies and international human rights organizations.

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The statement added that the UAE is accused of abusing the "Red Notice" system to arrest political opponents abroad. It said Abu Dhabi was using the system to prosecute critics of the regime, undermining its credibility.

It is noteworthy that Interpol's presidential elections are scheduled to take place during the 89th session of Interpol's General Assembly in Istanbul from November 23 to 25, 2021, and so far only two candidates have filed for these elections, namely Al-Raisi and Czech Šárka Havránková, according to media reports.