In an emotional letter published by EDAC

A former prisoner in Al-Wathba prison: Maryam and Amina are two kind souls and it is unfair what is happening to them

18 Nov 2021
A former prisoner in Al-Wathba prison: Maryam and Amina are two kind souls and it is unfair what is happening to them

The former Italian prisoner in Al-Wathba Prison (Nada) sent an emotional letter to the two Emirati activists Amina Al-Abdouli and Maryam Al-Balushi on the sixth anniversary of their arrest. She confirmed that she was shocked to learn that they were not released from prison and received a new sentence of 3 years imprisonment.

In the message published by the Emirates Detainees Advocacy Centre (EDAC), (Nada) considered that this sentence was another revenge against them for trying to inform the world about the facts and suffering of other detainees, while expressing her great astonishment at the way the Emirati authorities took revenge on them.

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In the letter, (Nada) affirmed that what is happening to kind souls like them is unfair. She pointed out that during her time in Al-Wathba prison she saw a murderer sentenced to one-third of their sentence, while Amina and Maryam are imprisoned until today to take revenge on them.

In the letter, (Nada) referred to the human aspect of Maryam and Amina's personality and how they tried to help others as much as they could even though they felt it caused them problems. She also mentioned that she still keeps the prayer mat that Maryam Al Balushi bought for her.

In the letter, Nada explained that Maryam and Amina formed small groups inside the prison to teach Islam and help non-Muslims learn about Islam at a time when prison guards refused to allow non-Muslims to borrow the Holy Quran.

It is noteworthy that (Nada) is the pseudonym of a former Italian prisoner who spent more than two years in Al-Wathba prison, during which time she met Amina Al-Abdouli and Maryam.

On November 9, EDAC published an exclusive interview with her in which she shared horrific details about Al-Wathba prison.

Below is the full text of the letter:

Dear Mariam & Amina,

I wonder how are you both, where are you right now, how is your health.. Unfortunately, up to now, Im not sure what is your real situation.

 Both of you should have been out long time ago. I was shocked when I found out that you received a new sentence of 3 years. That´s another revenge for trying to inform the world about just facts, that not only both of you are suffering but other thousands of prisoners.

I have read a lot about your cases, about your traumatic experience, but I have not read about how both you are as a human beings. Both of you helped as much as you can to anyone who could ask you for help, without getting anything in return but problems.

Do you know Mariam?,,I still have with me the prayer mat you bought for me, the prayers you wrote for me, because I´m just one of the hundreds of people you both helped with their Islamic studies. I remembered when I told you that the first time I heard Adhan, I cried, I felt something inside me that I couldn't explain. Remember that I even asked the Captain why I couldn't borrow the Holy Qur’an from Library and her answer was NO and the reason was just because I was not Muslim. I told her I knew the rules in order to hold the Noble Qurán, but not even that I was allowed to. I was frustrated, but thanks to both of you, not only me but hundreds of ladies were able to come closer to Islam. You organized small groups every day to teach how to pray to those ladies who were born Muslims but they knew almost nothing about Islam, to those who were Christians but wanted to know about Islam, etc, how we will sit in your room and you always offered something to eat or drink or even tasting these amazing cakes you were making from dates, nuts and biscuits.

Also, both of you have helped even more people with your letters, the ones we needed to write in Arabic in order to communicate with the Institution (complaints, requests, etc) and letters for courts, the ones addressed to judges or lawyers. In any case, you would sit with us, we will explain you what we wanted to say in these letters, and they would write in a very polite, elegant, exquisite way our concerns, requests, etc.

Remember Ruqaiya could recognize if the letter was written by you, not just for the handwriting (sometimes we would re-write by ourselves), but the power of your words, and of course, she was not happy about that, but they didn't stop you both from keeping helping people despite the trouble you get in for that.

 Could keep writing about your good actions, but will keep it for another letter...

 It´s just so unfair that two kind souls as yours are going through this traumatic experience, like you were real criminals...I have seen murderer being imprisoned for 1/3 of your first sentence, that doesn't make sense, at least in my civilized mind.

I keep imagine that day that I will receive a message saying ¨they are out, they are free. just the idea makes me smile.. Inshallah this message will come soon, I really pray for it.


Sending lot of love,
Your friend,