Abu Dhabi stopped his treatment & prevented him from hearing his father's voice

Abdul Salam Darwish's Son, Salman, dies at 21

24 Nov 2021
Abdul Salam Darwish's Son, Salman, dies at 21

Salman Darwish, the son of Emirati detainee of conscience Abdul Salam Darwish, died in the US on Wednesday at the age of 21 after a long illness.

Ms Awatef, Darwish's wife, shared the news of her eldest son's death in a tweet on her Twitter account.

Although Salman had suffered from nervous tics and autistic disorders since childhood, he was not spared reprisals from the UAE authorities, who revoked his citizenship, suspended his treatment grant in the US and denied him contact with his father.

The arbitrary measures against Salman did not stop there. Rather, the authorities froze his father's pension, the family's only source of income, and also threatened his mother (Awatif Al-Rayes) with legal action under the Cybercrime Law, leaving the family afraid to return to the UAE.

The last time Salman visited his father was in July 2016 before he left for Washington. The last time he heard his father's voice was in May 2017, after which the prison administration barred phone calls from his family as punishment for their presence outside the UAE.

Despite Salman's mother's repeated pleas for his father's release due to her son's health condition, which requires intensive care and the presence of his father by his side, the UAE authorities refused to comply.

It is noteworthy that Salman's death comes just weeks after that of Muhammad Al-Nuaimi, the son of Emirati dissident Ahmed Al-Shaiba Al-Nuaimi. He too died nine years ago without seeing his father because the authorities had put his name on the list of those not allowed to leave the country, even though he had suffered from cerebral palsy since birth.