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The father of a Jordanian detainee appeals to PM to intercede for the release of his son

15 Dec 2021
The father of a Jordanian detainee appeals to PM to intercede for the release of his son

Adel Matar, the father of Baha Matar, a Jordanian detainee of conscience detained in the UAE, has appealed to Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh to work for the release of his son, asking him to do everything in his power to resolve the issue of Jordanian detainees of conscience.

In a video clip obtained by the Emirates Detainees Advocacy Centre (EDAC), Matar said his son and three of his associates have been detained since October 14, 2015, serving an unjust sentence of 10 years in prison for circulating news and videos on their WhatsApp group.

Matar added that he learned on Tuesday from a released former detainee that his son and the other Jordanian detainees went on hunger strike 20 days ago over the poor prison conditions and harsh treatment. He pointed out that the former prisoner told him that their health had seriously deteriorated as a result of the hunger strike.

It is noteworthy that EDAC has received reliable information confirming that the UAE authorities have threatened the Jordanian detainees with harsh punishments if they continue their hunger strike. After the detainees refused to respond to the threats of the UAE authorities, they were transferred to an unknown location.

"They were transferred to an unknown location 10 days ago, communication with their family has been completely cut off and their fate is unknown as their health has reportedly deteriorated sharply," the reliable source told EDAC.

This is not the first time that the families of the Jordanian prisoners have appealed to the Jordanian authorities to work for the release of their sons. They had previously written letters to the Jordanian king and the Jordanian foreign ministry, but this was completely ignored by the Jordanian authorities.