"He dies slowly"

Activists denounce UAE violations against Mansour and demand his release

11 Jan 2022
Activists denounce UAE violations against Mansour and demand his release

Emirati activists and Journalists denounced the Abu Dhabi authorities' revenge actions against human rights activist Ahmed Mansour and called on human rights organizations and the international community to work for his release and end the violations against him.

Emirati writer and journalist Ahmed Al-Shaiba said that Mansour "is suffering a slow death in Abu Dhabi prisons because the authorities are practicing the worst kinds of revenge against him as he suffers from diseases he did not suffer from before."

Al-Shaiba told a television interview that one of the former prisoners who saw Mansour in Al-Sadr Prison told him, "Those who see Mansour in prison will think he is seventy years old and it is impossible to know that he is in his early fifties because of the abuses he faces in prison."

Al-Shaiba added that Mansour is not being punished for "establishing a military organization or attempting to carry out an assassination or bombing" but for "defending Emirati citizens, their rights and freedoms," describing him as a brave man "who exposed the truth about the UAE regime and the false mask of tolerance that hides behind it."

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Al Shaiba added that the Emirati people "live in a big prison of fear, as one word today can cost its owner a ten-year prison sentence and fines in the millions, and Ahmed Mansour is a role model for this truth."

Al-Shaiba called on all international organizations and friends of the UAE government to work for Mansour's release and send a clear message to Abu Dhabi that the violations against him and the other detainees must end."

For his part, Emirati writer and journalist Hamid Al-Nuaimi said, "Since his arrest in March 2017, Ahmed Mansoor has suffered greatly from the authorities keeping him in solitary confinement and shielding him from the outside world, preventing him from speaking to other detainees.

Al-Nuaimi expressed his belief in a television interview that Mansoor is "the most oppressed person in the UAE, as he sleeps on the floor without a mattress and the authorities even prevent him from getting hygiene items such as soap and shampoo."

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Al-Nuaimi pointed out that one of the detainees recently released from Al-Sadr prison was shocked "by the difference between Mansour's pictures on the Internet and his present appearance," stating that "his appearance has changed completely and it has become difficult to identify him."

Al-Nuaimi added that Abu Dhabi was trying to "destroy Mansour spiritually, physically, and psychologically while the National Human Rights Commission remains silent," which he described as a "military council linked to the government."