100 days of public relations campaigns

Human rights opinion: NHRI's harvest is without Human Rights!

14 Mar 2022
Human rights opinion: NHRI's harvest is without Human Rights!

More than 100 days have passed since the announcement of the formation of the National Human Rights Institution headed by Mr. Maqsoud Kruse – a member of the UAE army-, without carrying out activities related to the human rights situation in the UAE.

The UAE authorities have not yet published the Institution's law that it issued 6 months which specified its powers.

By monitoring the activities of the NHRI, no reports or statement were issued, and the  website is not completed.

The NHRI has not investigated the allegations of international human rights organizations about human rights violations in the UAE, or responded to the statements of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Mary Lawlor, who condemned The detention of human rights defenders without legal justification.

The Institution has contented with the promotional work of the National Commission for Human Rights, and held two press conferences to talk about the its self, even though it has not yet carried out any activity related to its name.

The authority contented itself with holding press conferences and media meetings, where it met in early February the head of the German mission in Abu Dhabi, the British ambassador and a number of members of the UK parliament, in addition to the Italian ambassador to the UAE, and a number of members of the European Parliament.

In contrast to the role for which it is supposed to have been established, the authority has attended a number of activities and conferences, such as visiting the Indian pavilion at the Dubai Expo and launching the "Emirates Thinkers" project.

The activities that the commission has practiced so far do not go beyond public relations and media, as it has not practiced any real activities related to its name.

  It did not collect information about prisoners of conscience, did not refer to their case in any way, inspect the penal facilities, hold any meeting with human rights organizations in order to obtain information, publish an email to receive complaints, or conduct any field research such as visiting and listening to prisoners.

The UAE announcement of the establishment of the NHRI at the time raised many questions about the real role it will play, and if it aims at whitewashing the violations of the authorities, cover up its crimes, and to serve the security services, not to protect the rights of citizens and residents, which is proven by its actions.