They demanded his release

Major interaction of international organizations on the fifth anniversary of Ahmed Mansour's arrest

21 Mar 2022
Major interaction of international organizations on the fifth anniversary of Ahmed Mansour's arrest

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Ahmed Mansour's arrest by Emirati authorities, a large group of human rights organizations around the world organized a social media campaign to call for the release of Emirati activist Ahmed Mansour under the hashtag #FreeAhmed.

The hashtag #FreeAhmed has been widely echoed on social media, as dozens of activists and human rights organizations have used it to express their sympathy with Ahmed Mansour and call on Emirati authorities to release him.

Human Rights Watch's Twitter account was among the most prominent participants in this campaign, where the organization wrote on its account "Prolonged incommunicado detention of more than 15 days is considered torture under international law. Today, in the UAE, Ahmed Mansour has spent five years continuously in a small isolated cell, without any meaningful interaction with other detainees."

For its part, the International Campaign for Freedoms in the UAE (ICFUAE) shared on its Twitter account, "5 years of unjust detention and solitary confinement is too long! Please join us in calling on the rulers of the #UAE to release Ahmed immediately and unconditionally."

In turn, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Mansour's arrest, the International Center for Justice and Human Rights issued a press statement calling on the UAE authorities to immediately and unconditionally release human rights defender Ahmed Mansour and to conduct an immediate investigation into allegations of torture and ill-treatment inside the prison by an independent panel, and to hold those responsible accountable to prove their responsibility and bring them to justice, and to offer Ahmed Mansour the right to appropriate treatment and rehabilitation.

Ahmed Mansour Al-Haq's Twitter account pointed out the poor prison conditions the Emirati activist is suffering from, "Ahmed has now spent 5 years in prison. That's 60 months or 1,826 days separated from his loved ones in a prison cell with no bed, shower or books. Please do not forget this."

Amnesty International condemned the continued arbitrary detention of Ahmed Mansoor, writing in one of its accounts on Twitter, "The UAE government is committing serious human rights violations by arbitrarily detaining Ahmed Mansoor for his human rights work. He is a prisoner of conscience and has been held incommunicado. On the fifth anniversary of his arrest, we call on the UAE to release him."

The Center for the Advocacy of Emirates Detainees (EDAC) has also released a special video clip to mark the fifth anniversary of Ahmed Mansour's arrest. The clip contains an imaginary representation of what Ahmed Mansour would say if he were allowed to speak and send a message to the world.

The center also announced that it has made a special souvenir to be sent to international organizations to commemorate the case of Ahmed Mansour. According to the center, the souvenir is a mug with Ahmed Mansour's picture and name, and the aim is to make Ahmed Mansour present in the minds of international organizations.

It is noteworthy that on March 20, 2017, the Emirati authorities arrested Ahmed Mansour, an Emirati activist, for his human rights activities and charged him with "inciting sedition, sectarianism and hatred" and "damaging the reputation of the state" for publishing "false information" and "fake news." The court sentenced him to ten years in prison.