On International Mother's Day

Amina Al Abdouli ... The story of a violated Motherhood in the UAE

21 Mar 2022
Amina Al Abdouli ... The story of a violated Motherhood in the UAE

Mother enjoys a prominent position everywhere in the world, as she is the one who takes care of children and raise them in a healthy way so that they are good and useful to their society. The Egyptian poet Hafeth Ibrahim summed up her role with the famous phrase: "The mother is a school; if you prepare her, you have prepared a nation of good races." .

The mother often bears the toil of family building, upbringing and education, in addition to meeting the demands and needs of the home, and the religions, especially Islam, have given her a great place.

In view of this great importance, lots of countries in the world have designated March 21 of each year as "Mother's Day" to celebrate and honor the mother and remind her of her prominent role in society.

This occasion is also important to remember that some mothers in the world are persecuted and their rights are violated instead of honoring them, and perhaps the most serious of these violations are practiced by some repressive countries against mothers, as this aspect is forgotten without highlighting it as it should be.

As usual, the repressive regime in the UAE does not exclude a mother or a father, not even a child or an old man. Rather, it exploits these ties to blackmail the detainees by threatening the mother, by depriving her of maternal custody, considered one of the most fundamental rights of a mother guaranteed by law and Sharia, and by denying her access to her children. Unlawful.

The best example of this is political prisoner Amina Al-Abdouli, a mother of five who was arbitrarily arrested by authorities and prevented her children from growing up in their mother's care.

Amina's mother's story does not end here, but begins here, as the authorities exploited this aspect in a heinous and horrific way that is impossible to describe.

The first violation Amina faced as a mother was being allowed to see her children only from behind a glass wall and only by phone, without being able to touch them, hug them, and feel the affection of motherhood, a terrible violation of her and her children's feelings, and this despite Amina's repeated requests to the authorities to allow her to see them normally.

Moreover, authorities exploited Amina's maternal affection during her interrogation to force her to sign self-incriminating confessions, as the interrogator continually threatened to take away her custody of the children.

The investigator did not stop at this point of emotionally blackmailing Amina, but constantly informed her that her children were suffering from mental distraction during their studies and that their academic performance was poor due to her absence, which severely affected their psyche.

A day like this is an important opportunity to remind the authorities that it is a serious violation of an Emirati mother's rights when a mother like Amina cannot see her children normally, and that it is unprecedented and unbelievable decadence to blackmail a mother with her children to force her to sign confessions to incriminate herself.

A mother's right to custody of her children and the right to see them naturally is a right that is non-negotiable and for which there is no justification. The authorities must immediately stop this kind of abuse and release Amina or at least allow her to see her children normally.