Human Rights report summarizes situation for 2021

Stark contradiction between the progressive image and the contemptuous treatment in UAE

25 Mar 2022
Stark contradiction between the progressive image and the contemptuous treatment in UAE

The Gulf Center for Human Rights (GC4HR) stated in its annual report for 2021 that the most striking feature of the human rights situation in the UAE over the past year was the stark contradiction between the progressive image the UAE seeks to appear on the international stage as a modern country and its contemptuous treatment of human rights defenders and civil society.

The report points to the continued conduct of UAE authorities in the mistreatment of Emirati activist Ahmed Mansour and accuses Major General Ahmed Al Raisi, the head of Interpol, of being involved in the torture and degrading treatment of Ahmed Mansour and other detainees of conscience and human rights defenders.

 The report indicates that on June 21, GC4HR filed a formal complaint with the French prosecutor's office against Al-Raisi for the inhumane conditions under which human rights defender Ahmed Mansour is being held.

 In addition, the report refers to the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on the "Case of Human Rights Defender Ahmed Mansour in the UAE." The European Parliament resolution calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Mansour, Dr. Mohammed Al-Rokon and Dr. Nasser Bin Ghaith and urges MEPs to stop the sale and export of surveillance technology to the UAE.

 The report also pointed to the UAE Cabinet's decision to place three Emirati human rights activists and a scientist on the government's terrorism list, according to the report, Ahmed Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi, Muhammad Saqr Al Zaabi, Hamad Al Shamsi and Saeed Nasser Al Tunaiji.

The report also marks the eighth anniversary of the collective sentences handed down to a group of human rights defenders, judges, academics and students as part of the collective trial known as (UAE 94) following a trial marked by serious violations.

 The report recalled the death of Emirati human rights defender Alaa Al-Siddiq, who died in a road accident in the UK in June 2021. She was executive director of the Alqest human rights organization and worked closely with the center.

 It is noteworthy that GC4HR's annual report for 2021 is titled "Human Rights in the Gulf Region and Neighboring Countries" and highlights the Center's activities over the past year.