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Amnesty calls on the UAE to release Al-Roken

27 Apr 2022
Amnesty calls on the UAE to release Al-Roken

Amnesty International in the UK has called on the UAE authorities to release international law professor Mohammed Al-Roken immediately after the end of his sentence on July 17. The organization warned UAE authorities that detaining people after the end of their sentences is a blatant disregard for the rule of law.

The organization published a series of tweets on its Twitter accounts calling on UAE authorities to release Al-Roken, who the organization said was imprisoned ten years ago for his peaceful human rights work, pointing out that the date of Al-Roken's alleged release is July 17.

In one of the tweets, the organization called on Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Dubai Ruler Mohammed bin Rashid to release Al-Roken and all activists unjustly detained by UAE authorities despite the expiration of their sentences.

The organization also shared other tweets calling for Al-Roken's release and expressing sympathy by releasing him during Ramadan to spend Eid with his family and loved ones.

It is noteworthy that these calls by Amnesty International for Al-Roken's release, posted on Amnesty International's Twitter accounts, are in the context of a campaign to support Dr. Al-Roken this coming July.

This coming July 16, Al-Roken, the prominent Emirati human rights icon, will have served ten years in prison at the notorious Al-Razeen Prison after being arrested on July 16, 2012 as part of the media authorities' repressive campaign against a large group of activists and human rights defenders for signing a petition calling on the UAE authorities to implement democratic reforms.

Al-Roken is one of the most important human rights activists in the UAE and has received numerous human rights awards, including the Ludovic Trarieux Prize for Human Rights for 2017, one of the highest human rights awards in the field.