In honor of her and her fight for freedom

Human rights organizations declare June 18 "Alaa' Al-Siddiq" Day.

18 Jun 2022
Human rights organizations declare June 18

A group of human rights organizations, including EDAC, issued a joint statement recalling the late Alaa Al-Siddiq's struggle to defend human rights and calling for the immediate release of her imprisoned father, Muhammad Al-Siddiq, and all Detainees of Conscience in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf.

The statement, titled "Alaa' Al-Siddiq: A Struggle for Freedom," affirmed that the human rights community deplores her death in a tragic traffic accident just one day after her thirty-third birthday, which is celebrated every year on June 18.

The undersigned organizations announced that they have decided to designate Al-Siddiq's birthday, which falls on June 18 every year, as "Alaa Al-Siddiq's Day" in commemoration of her death and in memory of her and her human rights work and struggle.

The statement highlights that Alaa Al-Siddiq has dedicated her life to defending prisoners of conscience in the UAE and the Arabian Gulf, most notably her father, Muhammad Al-Siddiq, who is still imprisoned despite completing his sentence last April.

The statement recalled the constant harassment Al-Siddiq has faced for her human rights work. For example, her family's citizenship has been revoked and her electronic devices, including her cell phone, have been hacked using the Pegasus spy program, which was designed and developed by an Israeli company.

Notably, 12 organizations signed the statement: the UAE Detainees Advocacy Center, the ALQST Organization for Human Rights, the Gulf Center for Human Rights, the International Service for Human Rights, the London Court, the MENA Human Rights Group, the Omani Association for Human Rights, the International Campaign for Freedom in the Emirates, the International Center for Justice and Human Rights, the Omani Center for Human Rights, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, the Human Rights Organization, and Civic Participation.

It is worth noting that the late Alaa Al-Siddiq was the Executive Director of the ALQST Human Rights Organization after serving as the Executive Director of the London Court and spending her last days in the United Kingdom.

And here is the Press release:

Alaa' Al-Siddiq: A Struggle for Freedom

One year ago, the human rights community was shocked to hear of the death of Emirati human rights defender Alaa Al-Siddiq in a tragic car accident, the day after she celebrated her 34th birthday. We, the undersigned organisations, are taking the occasion of her birthday to announce the designation of this day, 18 June, as “Alaa Al-Siddiq Day”.

18 June is the birthday of the late Alaa Al-Siddiq, a prominent Emirati campaigner for human rights whose fate it was to die in a tragic car accident on 19 June 2021, the day after her birthday. To commemorate her and her dedicated work in the struggle for human rights, the undersigned organisations hereby announce the naming of her birthday as “Alaa Al-Siddiq Day”.

Alaa Al-Siddiq was an Emirati rights campaigner whose family were stripped of their citizenship after her father Mohammed Abdulrazzaq Al-Siddiq’s arrest in 2012. A year before that, in 2011, she had signed the 3 March petition in which a number of Emiratis called for democratic and political reform. After her father’s arrest Alaa’s family moved to Qatar, where she continued her education and obtained an MA in Public Policy from Hamad Bin Khalifa University. Alaa moved to London in 2019 and worked there as Executive Director of Diwan London, later becoming Executive Director of ALQST for Human Rights.

Alaa dedicated her life to defending prisoners of conscience in the UAE and the Gulf, foremost among them her father Mohammed Al-Siddiq, who remains forcibly detained to this day despite his prison term having expired in April 2022. Alaa was also known for her opposition to the normalisation of relations with Israel, and her defence of the Palestinian cause and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people; she took part in several demonstrations denouncing the crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Alaa paid dearly for her freedom fighting, as she was constantly being harassed by the UAE authorities and having her electronic devices hacked, including her mobile phone, by means of the Pegasus spyware created and developed by Israeli cybersurveillance firm NSO Group.

And so in memory of Alaa’s struggle to defend prisoners of conscience we, the undersigned organisations, call for the immediate release of her father Mohammed Al-Siddiq, and all prisoners of conscience in the UAE and Arab Gulf and other regional states.


1. ALQST for Human Rights

2. Diwan London

3. Emirates Detainees Advocacy Centre (EDAC)

4. Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor

5. Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR)

6. HuMENA for Human Rights and Civic Engagement

7. International Campaign for Freedom in the UAE (ICFUAE)

8. International Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ICJHR)

9. International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)

10. MENA Rights Group

11. Omani Association for Human Rights

12. The Omani Centre for Human Rights